2016 Unconventional Clay: Engaged in Change

VENUE: The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri

CURATORS: Catherine L. Futter and Leigh Taylor Mickelson

The 2016 NCECA Invitational, Unconventional Clay: Engaged in Change – was an experience that revealed some of the endless permutations of clay in contemporary art. Selected were 24 artists working today who push the boundaries of the medium and explore connections between clay, art, process and social issues.

ARTISTS: Dylan Beck, Jessica Brandl, Andy Brayman, Trisha Coates, Bryan Czibesz in collaboration with Shawn Spangler, Chase Grover, Ben Harle, Robert Harrison, Beth Cattleman, Mika Negishi Laidlaw in collaboration with Dave Ryan & Steve Ryan, Simone Leigh, Nathan Mabry, Zemer Peled, Adams Purer, Carrie Reichardt, Tom Sachs, Thomas Schmidt, Paul Scott, Adam Shiverdecker, Anthony Stellaccio, Brendan Tang, Ehren Tool, Joey Watson, and Dustin Yager