2017 Resource Hall floor plan
2017 Commercial Booths
2017 Resource Tables
Portland Union Regulations

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Any company or nonprofit entity that manufactures or provides products or services to the ceramic arts and education is eligible to represent itself in the Commercial & Non Profit Resource Hall (formerly known as the Exhibit Hall). The purpose of this hall is to promote products, services, technology, resources and missions of businesses and non-profit organizations that support the field.

Contact: Kate Vorhaus, 2017 Resource Hall Coordinatorkate@nceca.net

 may sell materials, tools, equipment, resources and technology used in education and direct production of ceramic wares. T-shirts promoting the business or its products may also be available for sale.

 may promote their organizational mission and sell publications (such as books, exhibition catalogs) resources (videos, CDs and DVDs) and T-shirts related to the mission of their organization.

2017 Resource Tables are SOLD OUT. Please email kate@nceca.net to be placed on a waitlist.

Ceramic wares
 that relate directly to the products, resources and/or services offered by participating businesses and non-profits may be displayed in up to 25% of the space purchased but they may NOT be sold.

All Resource Hall display areas must conform to NCECA and Conference Center guidelines.
Click here to read the convention center’s sustainability policy
Click here to read the waste diversion policy

NCECA and Conference Center representatives reserve the right to remove elements of displays that do not conform to the purpose or other regulations associated with this area.

2017 Resource Hall Fees

Member (reflects 20% discount off Non-member fees)


Booth 10’ x 10’



SPACE Premiums (add to booth fee)
End-cap (2 corners)



Half Booth  10’ x 5’



2017 Resource Table 



Additional Reps
(maximum 2 per company/organization)





Tuesday, March 21 – Setup 12 noon to 6p.m
Wednesday/Thursday, March 22-23 9a.m. to 5p.m
Friday, March 24 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m


4:30p.m. to 11:45p.m
Saturday, March 25 CLOSED


To review your membership status, the Primary Contact may Login HERE.
Membership Status will be displayed.  If it is inactive, renew or join now.

For information about Corporate Memberships click here
For information about Institutional Memberships 
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Contact: Jacqueline Hardy, Membership Coordinator, jacqueline@nceca.net 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you in preparation for the Portland, Oregon conference!

CONTACT: Kate Vorhaus, 2017 Resource Hall Coordinatorkate@nceca.net